Tuatapere photographer Dori Campbell Leslie has been photographing for over 30 years.  She has a
B.F.A. in Photography from the University of Iowa,
U.S.A..  Her favourite subjects to photograph are
the sea and it's surroundings as well as finding the
unusual in found objects and scenes .......looking for
how light tranforms objects, nature and the landscape.

       All photos by Dori Leslie are printed by the
photographer herself on either Fine Art Archival Matte, Glossy, or Satin paper with Archival pigment
inks and are packaged with Archival baord and Archival polypropylene sleeve.

       Dori Campbell resides  in Tuatapere,  Southland New Zealand with her husband James . For contact, please email Dori at photogy1@xtra.co.nz

copyright 2012 Dori Campbell Leslie
photo by James Leslie